Food Ingredients

Ingredients for:

Infant Powder Milk


 Infant powder milk fortifications with DSM products

DSM Products for coloration

DSM Caratonids


for better health and nutrition

Specialties Food Processing Ingredients


Dairy, Ice cream, Meat Processing and Confectionery Products

DSM Food Ingredients Products

Vitamin and Anti Oxidant Fortification

Fortified Baby Food, Fortification with DSM Products

DSM Vitamin D fortified milk of Pakban Dairy

DSM Natural Color Solutions and Tailor made Premix

The core of this department is the specialist that provide know how and ingredients from DSM food along with other fine chemicals to enhance and develop foods and cosmetics. DSM products are essential to the food industry.

بتا کاروتن و سایر رنگهای ویتامینی

Akbarieh also distributes stabilizers, emulsifiers, starters, fibers, amino acids and phosphates from reliable internationally known suppliers


مواد عمل آوری و ادویه جات

 Enhance the food for the Iranian taste

Cold cuts (beef and chicken) made in Iran with added Indasia ingredients for the Iranian taste

 Competence in a new dimension and a passion for good taste, that is what Indasia stands for! Let us inspire you and discover the variety of our range.

مواد اولیه تولید محصولات غذایی

Ingredients for the finest

Dairy Products

مایه ماست و رنت


DALTON BIOTECNOLOGIE specializes in production of microbial food cultures for a wide range of fermented milks and cheeses. Over the last forty years, the continuing research and product development allowed us to offer fully-customizable solutions to satisfy all customers’ needs. For this reason, in line with our philosophy, we created a specific product line for the Iranian market in cooperation with Akbarieh company.




With Inulin we make the world a little

healthier. That’s why we’re committed to deeply understanding our rapidly changing world. And it’s why we’re dedicated to helping our customers develop tasty food products that contribute to healthier lives inspired by Inulin.

 استبلایزر و پکتین

Swiss based production of ingredients and services for the food industry.

UNIPEKTIN Ingredients AG supply various other types of hydrocolloids for various applications in the food industries.

Emulsifying salts are supplied to the customers under the trade mark FOSFA.

نمک های امولسیفایر- فسفات

Food ingrediants

لستين سويا

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