Akbarieh Warehouse and Cold Storage Facility- Morad Warehouse

Akbarieh warehouse and Cold Storage facility:
Address: Zarand Ave. before Serah Shir Pastorizeh, Peyman Anbar Morad ( for direction, please click here)


10,000 Sq. M. facility
5,800 Sq. M. Inside Storage: 4,200 Sq M. (1,200 pallet space) Main warehouse,
980 Sq.M. 17 – 25 C, 3 isolated areas
280 Sq. M. 2 – 8 C, 7 individual cold rooms.
The Akbarieh warehouse facility is located in western Tehran at the intersection of the access roads to the
north, south and west of Iran within Tehran city limits for ready delivery to the:
Direct access to the customers in Tehran,
Pharmaceutical factories,
Domestic ground transport terminal,
Meherabad airport, domestic airport and freeway access to the IKIA international airport.





Akbarieh Company
100 Bozorgmeher Ave,
Tehran, I.R.Iran

ph: Tel: +98 21 53848