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Iran specialty Animal Nutrition and Health Ingredients


Akbarieh Company

 is a leading supplier of feed additives & active ingredients to the feed and veterinary pharma industries in Iran. Akbarieh Animal Nutrition and Health department is focused to promote and distribute the range of products from

 DSM Nutritional Products Ltd. :

DSM animal nutrition and health products:

Vitamin : Comprehensive range of vitamins for the feed/premix, solid & liquid, water soluble preparations and injections.

Enzymes : Heat stable NSP, Phytase and Protease enzymes to get the most from the feed.

Carotenoides : Nature identical Yellow, Red and Pink pigments for the use in poultry and aquaculture feed.

Eubiotics : Vegetable essential oil compounds to apply in ruminant and poultry feed in order to improve the gut health and animal performance.


Akbarieh also promote, import and distribute the products from the following manufacturers :


 DoxAl Italia S.p.A.

Bayer Animal Health

  Cenzone Tech Inc.

  Zagro Asia Limited

Akbarieh dedicated sales and technical marketing staff of animal nutritionists and doctors of Veterinary Medicine provide the customers with the high level of assistance to meet the needs of the modern feed and animal health industry. 


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