Roche Instrument Sites

Roche Instrument Sites

in Iran

For information on the Roche COBAS




Cobas 6000 E601 and C501

Cobas E411

Cobas C311 and Integra 400+

Cobas H232
Cobas 4800

Cobas Taqman48

Ventana Benchmark XT

Cobas, Taqman48, Integra, Ventana and Elecsys are

F. Hoffmann La Roche Ltd registered trade marks

Roche Instrument sites are just the list of the sites that Roche instruments are installed.

Having Roche Instruments at the laboratory does not imply or indicate tests are done on and with the Roche Instruments for results, or the laboratory in any way be authorized

by F. Hoffmann La Roche ltd.

and ro Akbarieh Co.

Akbarieh DiagnosticsRoche Instrument Sites

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Tehran, I.R.Iran

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